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Coming of Age ~ Vision Quests and Initiations


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Becoming an adult is about more than being legally able to drive, go to a bar, vote for political leaders, or serve in the military.  It’s about more than getting an apartment, getting a job, or going to college.   For millenia, human cultures have honored a young person’s passage into adulthood through ceremony, rituals, and rites ~ and for good reason: healthy, initiated adults meant a healthy, whole people.  These critical moments, if given the attention they deserve, can empower a young person to take the next momentous steps in their inner development.  Coming of Age ceremonies can move us into and through our individual healing, ignite innate leadership qualities, and transform us into a posture of service and responsibility.   Being an adult means being steady and solid within our own authenticity.  It means being able to point our canoe and row it to a distant point on the horizon.   Most of all, being an adult means seeing beyond our selves, and becoming a steward and caretaker of our lands and our communities.

EarthQuest’s Coming of Age camps take students from our host site into the wilderness from 3 to 7 days at a time.  Nurtured by the natural environment, the comradeship of their peers, and the guidance of experienced wilderness leaders, the qualities of adulthood naturally emerge while those of childhood are left behind.